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What I Can Do For You

Exercise Tailored To You

My aim as a Personal Trainer is to help you become the best version of yourself through creating an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every workout. I believe fitness should be fun and something we all look forward to. My approach to training will help you to achieve your goals in a realistic time and through enjoyable training methods.


You Decide Your Training

Where Do You Want To Train?


In The Gym

I have access to a number of Gyms, if this is your preferred way of training. With excellent Gyms in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire to choose from, we can achieve your goals in this environment.

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In The Park

Some people don't like to train in a Gym environment or feel uncomfortable with this type of atmosphere and I completely understand this. This is why I have designed programmes and exercises that can be performed just as effectively outdoors.

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In Your Own Home

Gyms can get very busy at peak times so why not train from the comfort of your own home? I have a superb range of equipment and training methods that can work perfectly from your home. You can even choose exactly where you would like to train, whether that is in the living room, conservatory or out in the garden – you name it, I can cater for it!

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What I Believe In

I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. I believe and trust in various training methods which are all available to clients as this makes training more enjoyable and also allows individual training programmes to be designed which are tailored to the individuals' needs.

Weight Loss Essentials

Fat/Weight Loss

I specialise in fat loss and weight loss, having worked with various clients and helping them to achieve great results. I will help you with your fitness journey and keep you motivated to progress and reach your goals.

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Positive Mental Attitude

This may can be an overused phrase however I strongly believe that exercise can play a huge part in improving wellbeing and having a positive outlook. With a positive and happy frame of mind, we are able to view exercise and goal setting differently and potentially have more patience and perseverance. I am certainly not an expert in this field and neither claim to be, however I have seen first-hand myself and with clients how exercise can improve one’s state of mind and wellbeing.

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Pad Work

I am a black belt in Choi Kwang Do - a self-defence martial art - which involves high amounts of pad work, punching and kicking techniques. Pad work is a really fun way to let off some steam and help reduce stress levels by taking it all out on the pads!

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Health & Body Composition Analysis

Using the Tanita BC-601 Body Composition monitor, I can analyse your body to allow us to tailor your training and work on areas that may need improving. This gives us in-depth information on body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat, metabolic age and many other vital readings.


Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

I could clearly see a lot of time and effort had gone into tailoring the programme specifically to my goals. He is even motivational outside of our workouts, my main issue is with my diet and he agreed to message me daily to remind me to eat healthily!


Andy is really motivating and I love the variations to our training. We aren't just in the gym every week, the training sessions are always different and well thought out. I highly recommend Andy!


Andy is always flexible around my working hours to allow me to have 3 sessions per week. The sessions are always motivating and fun. He uses a mixture of different equipment and exercises to improve my overall strength and fitness.